Oh, the places you’ll go…

Wanderlust is a word used to describe the compulsion to travel extensively. Staying in one place too long can be toxic for the soul and the mind, and there’s nothing more rewarding and enlightening than discovering and embracing new cultures and places.

Whilst most of my bucket list is about experiences; people to meet and places to go, I’ve highlighted the top three destinations I want to go to in order to explain and expand upon those desires.

  • Cairo, Egypt: With the political and social unrest in current years it hasn’t felt like the right time to go, but Cairo is a beautiful city in a beautiful country, steeped in rich cultural history. Everyone wants to see the pyramids, and for good reason, the ancient wonders of the world are as miraculous today as they have always been, and whilst they have stood for thousands of years we’re not guaranteed they’ll stand forever.
  • Norway: There is more to this magnificent country than I’d ever be able to experience in one trip, but most prominently is a front-row seat to the Northern Lights. The arctic regions of Norway are host to one of the most beautiful naturally occurring phenomena on the planet, and I can think of nothing more magical than being surrounded by a beautiful, glacial landscape whilst experiencing the marvel of the Aurora Borealis.
  • Grand Canyon, USA: The USA has a lot to offer for tourists, travellers and thrill seekers. Arizona’s Grand Canyon is so vast and impressive in photos; I can’t imagine what it’s like in person, stretching across the horizon, the only thing you can see for miles all around. To stand on the edge of the Canyon would be to face one’s own sense of the world, to feel how small we are as individuals and to acknowledge how minor our problems are. This would be a life changing experience I hope to achieve.

Bucket List as of April, 2015.

It feels like every day I’m discovering new things I want to try, and in this process of discovery I’m losing sight of things I used to want to see or do or be. So, like many ambitious people before, me, I’ve decided to compile a master bucket list of all the things I want to do. I’ll add to it, and subtract from it when I’ve done things.

A lot of it might seem shallow or insignificant, but we don’t all want to walk on the moon or become an A-list celebrity. Small pleasures can enrich our lives and make us just as happy as those big, life changing milestones.

Spend some time living in New York

Move to London

Meet every member of My Chemical Romance

See the pyramids

Walk the streets of Cairo

Visit Caecilius’ house in Pompeii.

See the Northern Lights

Stay in an Ice Hotel

Walk the Great Wall of China

Visit Japan

Have children

Fall wildly in love with the right person.

Get married.

Pay off my parents’ mortgage

Finish college with a good degree

Go to Oslo

See Led Zeppelin in concert

Go to a festival with a big group of friends.

Get a cat.

Learn how to make sushi.

Do more yoga.

Grow my hair out.

Move to Sweden

Learn fluent Italian

Write a book (or ten)

See the Grand Canyon

Write a play

See Les Miserables in the West end

See the new Star Wars film

Meet Alan Moore

See Stephen Hawking give a lecture

Watch all the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies in one sitting

Join a rock band

Stay out all night with a cute boy

Go to a rave

Take my parents on holiday

Watch everything on Netflix

Write and film a B-horror movie with my friends